Spring 2016 edition

Already it’s October, spring is definitely in the air. The footy finals are over, and the racing carnival is in full swing. Before we know it Christmas will be upon us, for those in the Tropics – Wet season & possible cyclones.So it’s time to  check the emergency kits and make sure we do our annual review of what may be out of date.

It’s also a perfect time for our Financial health check:

How is my Insurance – do I need to increase it or decrease it?

How does my mortgage stack up against all these great rates available ? - Don’t forget Nick is a broker so he is happy to check for you.

How is my Super – am I on track for retirement -  should I be doing a Transition to Retirement, or be on the Pension?

How will the changes to the Pension assets test affect me?

Should I be planning for aged care for myself or my parents?

With these thoughts in mind we hope you like the articles below. Don’t forget to give us any feedback, especially things you may want to read about. Are we covering the right topics you care about?

Of course we have finished with a recipe, let us know when to come for a taste test.


Nick & staff